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Course opportunity - Sauna Build and Body Work

Well that's what I call holistic! Maggie Fearn and Kerstin Wellhofer of Movementsense invite you to a course of two parts - building a traditional cordwood sauna and then easing your aches and pains with one to one bodywork. The course is residential or daily attendance for the full five days, or a weekend,at a very reasonable cost - so pretty flexible all round!

Download the flyer below for more details...

Weaving Windows and Wallhangings in the Woods...

Some work here from a refreshing Forest School day with year five pupils of Tavernspite School this October. The weaving activity was inspired by parent and practitioner Jenny Bagnall, and pupils certainly took the theme and ran with it, coming up with styles and techniques of their own in a matter of about an hour, and producing work which really took advantage of the wonderful coulours of autumn in the woods...

Play Routes Play Association Play Fayre

SpiraLife will be running a "build it in a morning" living willow workshop at Manor House Wildlife Park for a Play Fayre presented by Play Routes, the voluntary Play Association for Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. Activities on the day include Tree Dressing, facilitated by the Purple Routes Play Teams, with scrap materials from Trysordy, and sensory nature play presented by supporters of Play Routes from Trinity St Davids and Pembrokeshire College. So come along and weave some networks with fellow playworkers and outdoor practitioners, hang your memories and wishes on celebration trees, or find your sky eyes!

The event runs from 9.30 until 1p.m. - including lunch from the fantastic buffet menu at Manor House, followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Play Association, an opportunity to join as a member, get stuck in as a volunteer, or simply chip in with the services and support you would like to see from Play Routes in the future.

Cost for all this is a measly £10 per person (thanks to BIG Lottery for supporting the event), £15 for two from any one organisation, or £5 for students, and includes free access to the Wildlife Park following the event (usually another tenner) - so open the flyer below to book your place quickly before they all go...

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY SUBSCRIBED! However if you wish to benefit from or participate in the work of the Play Routes Play Association, please feel arrange to attend the AGM at Manor House at 1.30 p.m. on 29th November by contacting Tim Moss, Regional Co-Ordinator, at

Raising the roof in Narberth Nursery
Evelyn Hayden of Bloomfield Nursery with Rupert Dunn and Dan Morris of the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

An upbeat meeting on Friday 4th of November saw Dan Morris and Rupert Dunn of the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens ("The Fed"!) meeting on site with Ben of SpiraLife and Bloomfield Centre Nursery Manager, Evelyn Hayden.
Ev and her team have already started growing in the nursery's enclosed "yard" space outside the Bloomfield building, so Dan and Rupert had a headstart in seeing the vision to grow food with youngsters at the nursery, and Ben was able to explain the funding bid currently in place to erect a roof shelter to make the space accessible in all weathers, and improve the micro-climate for growing.
There are also plans for a "rain drain game" made of scrap materials, and for a solar pv panel fallen into disuse at the site to be put back into service pumping saved roof water, and providing education around renewable energy for the nursery children and staff.
Older people from the town will be invited to volunteer as growing mentors, providing additional value and an intergenerational aspect to the scheme.
"The Fed" brought a wealth of design knowledge and experience to the table, from adding innovative ideas about types of plants to grow (big seeds for little fingers!) and suggesting the roof is made as high as possible to accomodate tall plants such as sunflowers, to a quick summary of the bird species in the garden and ideas about encouraging biodiversity, even in a small concrete yard with raised beds. This support is provided for free and will increase the value of the project straight away, building on the vision and commitment of Ev and the staff at Bloomfield.
The meeting only lasted forty minutes, but ended in an invitation from Ev for Rupert and Dan to come and help raise the roof at a garden launch - which, pending funding, is planned for Easter 2012.

Incense Making Activities
Ben and some happy incense grinders at Manor House WildLife Park, with Chief Helper Poppy

Ben has started offering this activity again after a few years off, both as "Wild Incense" walks in the woods, and as intentional incense making workshops. It has been enjoyed in the last few months by pupils at Tavernspite School, Keepers Wood in Brechfa, and members of the public at manor House Wildlife Park's wonderful "Chi a Mi" event in September 2012.
Incense is an ancient and enduring cultural phenomenon, used variously for warding off evil spirits, cleansing of sacred spaces, covering up the smell of pongy pilgrims or transporting prayers to heaven. The workshops involve exploring and gathering natural materials from our surroundings;tree resins, barks, mosses, leaves, nuts and other forest floor finds. It works wonderfully as a short activity for forest schools and people of all ages, while the rich resources Ben brings of tree resins, herbs and spices from all around the world are a joy in themselves to explore as you concoct your own mixture to effect magical changes!
Flexible arrangements for cost and duration of workshop are available - please contact to arrange a tailored workshop for your outdoor event, conference etc.